Bucharest AIR Project

To be rich is glorious 2011

Photography, video, text, interviews, essays.

Reportedly, the famous words attributed to Deng Xiaopings were followed by: "but it is the gap between the rich and the poor which will determine the succes of the revolution."

In 2011 I spend six months in residency at the Institute for Provocation in Beijing. This period resulted in an archive of image, interviews, video's and texts, which form the basis of various exhibitions, an upcoming publication, and future projects.

Part of the material here presented, appears in the artists book in edition The Dissidents' Travel Guide, due January 2014.

Thanks to the Dutch Foundation for Fine Art, Design and Architecture, Amsterdam, NL, and the Institute for Provocation, Beijing, CN. A special thanks to those who contributed to the project, especially Daisy and HuWei.