Bucharest AIR Project

The Dissidents' Travel Guide 2011 - 2014

Artists' publication in two parts.
Ed. 700, 180 pages, duo tone and full color, printed at Lecturis, Eindhoven.

The result of three years research, the artists' publication The Dissidents' Travel Guide includes photography, essay's, transcripts of documentary video's, and the series Commissioned Drawings. The material has been gathered, found, made, or commissioned, during different travels, most notably in Romania (2010-2012) and China (2011). The images on this webpage are previews of random spreads from the book.

The publication was part of the exhibition A Disquieting Suggestion (after Macintyre), at Lokaal 01, Antwerp, BE.
Date of release: 31 Jan. 2014.

For ordering the publication, please email to or visit San Serriffe Art Book shop, Sint Annenstraat 30, Amsterdam, NL.

Thanks to Ton van der Helm, the Mondriaan Fund, Amsterdam, NL, the Institute for Provocation, Beijing, CN, Lecturis, Eindhoven, NL, Lokaal 01, Antwerp, BE, and the Materiaalfonds, Amsterdam, NL. A special thanks to those who contributed to the project.
Image on page 128-129 made by Andreea Peterfi.