Bucharest AIR Project

Superposition 2014

Curatorial project in collaboration with Sema Bekirovic, and Momart Amsterdam.

Exhibition and artists presentations, dealing with questions regarding the contemporary nature of the artwork as a state of flux and changing contexts, co-curated with Sema Bekirovic at Momart, with presentations at Oude Kerk and Gallery Stigter van Doesburg.
Participating artists: Arthur Woods, Alice Gancevici & Remus Puscariu, Austin Houldsworth, Istvan Ist Huzjan, Jonas Lund, Lorna Mills, Sema Bekirovic, Sharon Houkema, Tudor Bratu, Voebe de Gruyter, Wijnand de Jonge.
Artists presentations moderated by: Vincent van Velsen and Su Tomesen, including Lotte Geeven, Naro Snackey, Paulien Oltheten & Eilander, and Ruth Legg. Made possible by the Amsterdam Fund for the Arts, AFK, Amsterdam, NL


Made possible by the kind support of the Amsterdam Fund for the Arts, Amsterdam, NL, and Momart Base for Independent Artists, Amsterdam, NL.