Bucharest AIR Project

Portrait 2005 installation view Van Zoetendaal Gallery, NL.

Two bl/w PE photoprint, 140x110 cm.

The first portrait I made of Jaquelines sister, was in 1996, in her appartment in Bucharest. She was still together with her husband, who was wearing a cooking glove. They were standing together in the opening of the hallway door. She had a soft dispassionate smile on her face. In the second portrait, she's standing together with grandfather, in the garden. She leans on him while he leans on his cane. Her leg is somehow strangely missing, as if it wasn't there to begin with. Or as if some horrible accident had happened in the past. Seven years later - the second portrait was taken in 2003 - her smile hasn't changed at all. These two photographs, have been hung on top of one another. One, hides the other. The right one, the elder one, is mirrored. Her smile doesn't change due to the reverse printing. She, and her mirror image, and the two men and the time that's passed, are her portrait.