Bucharest AIR Project


Archive 2003 - ongoing

Archive, 3500 black/white photographs, 12x18cm, PE and FB print.
Collection of aprox. 3500 images from various cities in Europe and Asia. Images below: Installation at De Vishal, NL.

During the period 2003 to 2012 I travelled extensively thoughout Western and Eastern European and Asian cities. While walking through the often empty streets, I used a Minox 35mm camera with black and white film to record all (secondary) signs of human presence, such as the streets themselves, and details such as lampposts, city vegetation and architectural structures. The archive resulted, is a work about the city as residue and reminder of human existence as well as about the city lived and felt as the often empty stage of humanity as a whole.

Instead of concentrating on recording the differences between the cities, I focussed mainly on what I felt as similarities of places otherwise far apart, which often seem different in political or social structure. As such, the Archive as a whole, shows Brussels equal to Bucharest, Berlin, Seoul or Tallinn. The mental, social and political boundaries dissappear. What is left, is an image and experience of one enormous city, where countless lives are lived in similar fashion, leaving behind similar results, and in which the city itself has esthetically taken over, visually erradicating preconceptions or expectations. The Archive is an expanding collection, which when exhibited, functions as a site-specific installation.

Archive, 3500 black/white photographs, 12x18cm, PE and FB print. Installation De Vishal. Opposite 'Rooms'. 2004

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Thanks to the Vishal Foundation, Haarlem, and the Dutch Foundation for Fine Art, Design and Architecture, Amsterdam, NL.