Bucharest AIR Project

Ain't No Love 2011

Installation at the Romanian Cultural Institute, Rome, IT. 650 black and white images, 11 tables, rope.

Photography seems to be deeply involved with its own end, bearing marks of both life and death as an overlapping moment of creation. As if in the moment a photograph is taken a situation, or life, ends or is being archived just to be reconsidered at a later stage. As such, no concepts or abstracts are needed for being part of photography as no photographs are needed to be part of life. The installation of 650 images deals with my own very personal departure from and consequent return to my native country of Romania; my own birth and death and the impartial register of both. The living room scenario induces a feeling of privacy, voyeurism and personal engagement in experiencing the otherwise random and hermetic collection of images which I call my life of sorts.
































Curated by Carolina Levi. Thanks to the Romanian Cultural Institute, Rome, IT. Made possible by the Dutch Foundation for Fine Art, Design and Architecture, Amsterdam, NL.